Get to know us!

Our founders Shannon and Snow had a vision: Create an everyday jewelry collection that boils design elements down into their essentials. Every piece of our jewelry is handmade with a simple yet elegant design, and our affordably priced pieces can be worn for any occasion.


With their backgrounds in design, Shannon and Snow utilized their past professional experience to create our lines of jewelry with an aim in mind —whether you own countless pairs of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and all other shiny items under the sun, or if you’re just starting your collection, we want you to inspire those around you to embrace their inner selves through their outer accessories. 


When you wear Shannon and Snow jewelry, we want you to feel like your fashion is effortless. We want you to feel like your jewelry options are versatile. We want you to feel comfortable and seen.  


Take a look at our modern, delicately designed selections, and find something that makes you feel essential every day. To us, every day truly is essential, and we hope our jewelry will make each moment you’re wearing it feel that much more essential.  


The new everyday essential. 

Jewelry for every occasion, designed with you in mind.